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Originally Posted by Smithee View Post
Odd, that doesn't look like a Home Depot.

FWIW, Cuenca is being touted as one of the hot spots to retire. Perpetual spring, good healthcare and low cost of living. From your photos, it looks like a pretty attractive city.

We can't apply our North American views to time and distance down there. Few weeks ago, I drove 115 km from Santa Ana to La Fortuna, Costa Rica (not on bike, in a Daihatsu Bego). The drive easily took 3 hours, and the roads were paved all the way.

Take 'er slow and easy. Not like you have to be anywhere at any particular time.
That's right and I try and keep that in mind. I am here to see things, not road race. Roads like the Troncal del la Sierra (the E-35 from Loja to Marcara in Ecuador) are better than any track.

GPS arrival times are highly optimistic here. If your GPS says you will be there in 4 hours...figure on 8

A Diahatsu Bego! I'll bet I've seen a lot of those and never knew it. haha

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