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Over my extensive dirt riding experience (5 days), I have discovered that I am a prodigy. I can unerringly choose the correct line to take through all obstacles. I have decided that I should share my wisdom with my fellow adv riders. Learning this technique will require you to meet with me for 2 hours of riding. After just those 2 hours you will be able to ride any dirt path, anywhere.

Your instruction will consist of following me and carefully watching the path of my front tire. As soon as you see the line I will be taking, GO THE OTHER WAY!

Yes, learning how to choose the perfect line is as easy as that.

I repeat. Watch the line I take and simply GO THE OTHER WAY.

The fee for this amazing class is no more than picking up my bike for the entire 2 hours, providing first aid and copious amounts of pain killing beverages. What a cheap price to pay for such wisdom.

When I started riding dirt the older kids in the neighborhood called me George of the is "Watch out for that tree."

I'd wager if I got back on a dirtbike today it would be pretty much the same deal....just faster.
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