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Originally Posted by Smithee View Post
Odd, that doesn't look like a Home Depot.

FWIW, Cuenca is being touted as one of the hot spots to retire. Perpetual spring, good healthcare and low cost of living. From your photos, it looks like a pretty attractive city.

We can't apply our North American views to time and distance down there. Few weeks ago, I drove 115 km from Santa Ana to La Fortuna, Costa Rica (not on bike, in a Daihatsu Bego). The drive easily took 3 hours, and the roads were paved all the way.

Take 'er slow and easy. Not like you have to be anywhere at any particular time.
About Cuenca

It is a very nice town with a very safe, friendly feel about it. Angele and I happened to see a TV show, the one about buying foreign properties, and they did a feature on Cuenca just before I left home. Then in Port Aransas, TX I met a gentleman who leaves TX in March and spends 6 months in Cuenca to get out of the Texas Summer heat. I can see the attraction to Cuenca. I find it a little cool for my personal taste. I think because I spent so many years in the Maritimes I crave a place where it is warm in the evenings, so you can sit outside and have a beer. We get about a handful of nights like that each Summer. Cities like Cali, Colombia get that night after night after night. If you're retired you can hide from the midday heat but sit outside at night. That would be my personal preference. Cuenca is a beautiful place though and I don't want to take anything away from it. I can see why it is so attractive to North American retirees.
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