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Originally Posted by MikeMike View Post
I would also expect a clear and truthful explanation of why Munchen Motors didn't diagnose the problems when they had the bike. Seems to me like the techs where too busy thinking about Santa Claus and the Three Kings coming to visit, than they were about their job.

Gotta agree with Mike2 here... Looking at your pics, and based on your description of what's wrong - I can't believe they even moved your bike under power based on what your clutch looks like. That thing had to shudder like a drunk with the DTs at any point from start up to clutch out. Any two-bit BMW mech with any experience should have been able to at least suspect bad clutch. But, its water over the dam at this point.

Maybe what you could do is get some more really good pics of the dead clutch, and you could write a quality bitch&moan letter to BMW USA when you get back home. I have a feeling they'll write the same letter in English, but you should also write a separate letter to BMW MEX complaining about what kinda of idiot wouldn't catch this during your first go around. Some folks might suggest keeping the old parts, but dragging those around Mexico like some sort of albatross around your neck would be bad ju-ju, and only bring night terrors. Just take a bunch of pics of the carnage.

I'm sure you know, if you're not having fun in Mexico, you're missing the point. Hope you can get back on the road soon. Go see Mike2 if you've got the chance- he's posted pics of some great roads he knows around Veracruz, I'd like some further verification.
Also, feel free to stop by the Is Mexico Safe thread, to share war stories, pics and lies of adventure. This experience certainly makes you worthy (though it doesn't really take much to be worthy)

I do wish I was down there right now. Be careful and enjoy the adventure!
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