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The Jesse tank/box project is back on the drawing board.

The NEWEST version Jesse pannier mounts is nothing like the Older version we were currently look at.

If you have the Older style, You are in luck. We can modify that bracket to fit a standard tank and box.

Shown here is the KTM OEM racks.

The bracket angles back towards the luggage.

This older style Jesse mount has more of a 90 Deg bend. It hits the box/tank setup.

We had planned to weld in a brace where the tape measure is shown, then remove the other bracket. Or you could do this yourself to get our current options to fit your Jesse system.

The NEW Odyssey 2 mounts are totally different and will require a NEW Box/tank design.

Here is your chance to be part to the design process and show if you want us to make a version for the Odyssey 2 setup.

We will need 6-10 riders that want this setup to offer a custom Jesse size unit. All you need to do now is Email us and tell me you are interested.

If you need a 2-1 setup, please add that info too. We can help with the complete package. (Remus Roxx 2-1, or others)

Once we hit the numbers we need, we'll confirm pricing. I will get back to you. This can be for boxes or tanks. We'll be working on this over the weekend to see what our costs will be.

I will post more info here on how many people are interested and how close we are to making these.

We have limited time to fit this project in. If we don't do it now, It will most likely get dropped this season and be looked at again next winter.

No prices will be posted here, so please email me if you want updates.

Again if you have the older Style Jesse luggage mount, we can get you setup now with our current version.

Feel free to post any questions, I'll do my best to get back.
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