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Originally Posted by davesupreme View Post
i'm sure that all the 'smart' people behind the Dakar are totally with RG.... he brings that brash americana w/him, and is much more fun to watch/listen to than all those understated euros w/their gentlemanly sporting approach.... PHUQUE THAT!!! racin' is about talkin' some shizzit, and then going out there and rubbing their noses in it.... he's running right at the top now, and if he hadn't screwed up, and would finish on the podium, it would mean huge things for the Dakar race, and don't think that that Etienne guy doesn't know it.... you all ever heard of that guy Lance Armstrong?..... Robby gets on the podium, and we're gonna see Speed Energy drinks in every WalMart in America....
Dave -- you may be right, but talkin shizzit and rubbing your OWN nose in it doesn't do quite the same thing . . . . . .

Perhaps it's a generational thing, but I am more impressed by those who go out, do a great job, smile at the crowd, and don't act like they've invented a cure for cancer (not speaking specifically about RG, now, who certainly does his best) . . . . the dances in the end zone, the soccer players that run around like a toddler after scoring a goal. . . . mfor me, it's the sport, not the entertainment factor . . .

I'd LOVE to see RG on the podium . . . . and, without a couple of bad breaks, he might have done it this year.
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