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Originally Posted by hapbob View Post
This question is often thought about I am sure and When I decided to ponder my own future with Motorcycles I noticed I have Changed not quit. I have had a bike since I was 14 yrs old and I'm now 57. I have had about every bike, Road ,dirt ,ect. Harleys, Goldwings, Bmws ( yes all my retirement money was spent on bikes). I now ride often but they are short trips and errends. 100 miles is a big day. I now own a scooter that does eveything I need it to do. A honda Helix that goes and goes and I'm both comfortable and confident with it. No worrries of slow u-turn,gravel on corners and it's not $20K worth of machine sitting around to much. All my big road bikes were becomming to heavy and expensive and wasn't riding them like they were ment to be ridden. One bike/scooter I just bought is a Trike...a Big Scooter 650 Burgman trike...Going to see if I have desire to go farther with it than just around the neighborhood. Just bought it and Need to wait for June for weather and time to ride. So I am not afraid to ride..but have evolved to a close to home rider...and a low cost easy to handle bike/scooter/trike This Trike is more fun than you would think!!!!!!!!!!
Nice little rig. Please remember that this will handle very, very differently than any of the bikes you have owned. You'll have to unlearn the counter steer theory as you take this on the high speed curves. Since this isn't a built from ground up trike the handling characteristics could get scary if you aren't familiar with trikes/sidecars and enter a corner too hot. Read up on how to ride a trike/sidecar, practice evasive turning, learn to move your butt and body weight to the inside of curves.

Be careful, practice (sounds like you are), and have fun.... glad you are still riding.

I've had 3 sidecar rigs and will probably go back to one when the hair is completely grey or gone! LOL!!

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