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I am wanting to be able to weld very thin (20 gauge) aluminum sheet, but practicing on the thin stuff was just driving me crazy so I went back to this thicker piece I had from a community class I took... Just using it to get the motion, puddle control and rod control down.

I will try higher amp settings. So lower amps will take longer to form a puddle but heat the whole piece up, giving me the blobby melted beads instead of the "stack of dimes"?

I am using pure argon, set to 15 CFM. Not sure what size the cup is, will check on that. Will also try higher flow there and see what that does.

I do have a 3/32 tungsten and collet, will give that a try as well.

Re- the gloves... They are the same ones my students use (7th and 8th graders) so they are alllll kinds of dirty. Been looking for a pair of dedicated TIG gloves and a TIG finger, but living in a small community makes it hard to run down to the "local" welding store... Not that I have the money at the moment to afford them anyways.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

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