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Originally Posted by GtiKyle View Post
Sorry, but "first world" doesn't really apply to American anymore. We barely manufacture anything these days. I looked around at christmas, and 95% of everything we had opened was NOT made in America.

Good stuff can, and does come out of china. It's not like they have a decree that says every item exported from China is garbage. It's just easier for companies to cut corners to turn profits, so sometimes things turn out junkier than our expectations. So far I think my Klim gear is top notch, regardless of the country of origin.

Iphones are made in China. I couldn't find many people that would say they are poorly made.
Quality wasn't my point, rather it was cost of production. Like most sports shoe manufacturers, Klim fails to pass along Chinese production savings to the customer.

The beauty of the market, and power to them, I guess.

But as a first world consumer I prefer not to support that particular business model whenever possible.

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