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Originally Posted by scooterGdawg View Post
i was just curious, i can't imagine it's as bad as they make
it out to be on tv.... looks like a straight drop on tv....
Good point....
I had seen photos of the extreme grades on some of those hills as well, and I actually wondered if I would be able to climb them if it was muddy.
It turns out that telephoto lens manipulation can make a mountain out of a hill.
I went up & down Rollercoster Hill and BeaverSlide without even knowing it.

I had to go over Atigun Pass in the mud both times due to the Calcium Chloride truck/grader work.
That's a 12% grade, and it was definitely noticeable, but there was never a question whether I would be able to get up it even with my street tires.

The most challenging parts were the deep mud and deep gravel sections which happened to be on near-level grades.
And that deep mud "terror" I went through on the way up was 50mph smooth packed dirt when I came back 2 days later.

I get a chuckle every time someone says that the Dalton is a piece of cake -- a quick run-up and run-back -- after doing it once.
It's all about the weather and the construction. Could be a dream or a nightmare.
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