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Dakar bikes ?

So I have loved watching the Dakar for many years. Sadly coverage in the USA is spotty. We get a daily 30 minute recap of each of the 4 major catagories. The only deeper info on the equipment is the occasional editorial piece, but they are minimal.

So I have a few questions for anyone who may know about the current bikes.

I know the Hondas are modified, but are clearly based on the CRf450 motor, they showed one with the tupperware off and it was clearly a Uni-cam motor.

The Huskys I am guessing are based on the TC and TE 449 motor, I think that is all that they are building in the 450 class now...but maybe they are based on an older motor?

The Yamaha I see are running 2 different bikes, one based on the last gen motor like a WR or pre 2010 YZ and the other is clearly based on the new rearward facing front injected rear exhausted motor, as you can see the big loop exhast out on the side nest to the swing arm.

But what are the KTMs running? Are they still using an RFS based motor, a modified Xc4, the new 450 SXf motor or maybe a detstroked or smaller bore version of the new 500?

Any knowledge out there?
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