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Originally Posted by Low594 View Post
Thats plenty of power for added lights and such! I currently am running the Model 60 flood and the no longer available 450lumen spot. But I draw from alot of experience with offroad lights. Its the pattern that you want to be thinking about. The Model 60 Flood throws a ton of light in a wide pattern (160*???) and is most beneficial in the short to medium ranges. My guess would be running 2 floods, you won't get 2x the amount of usable light in those ranges. 1 does a very good job. A spot type light is by nature narrow and used for your longer distances. At those longer distances, you can give a bit more spread so that the pattern starts looking more like a figure 8 on its side.

Best way to judge for yourself, buy 1 of each now. Then assess where your week spot for your needs are and order the missing light, or not, if you are happy with just the 2!

I'm a it of a miser, for 2 reasons, very little available electrical power and very little available monetary power! With 1 light, you will be very happy, with each light you add from there, your money output goes up but your usable light doesn't necessarily go up on an equal scale.

This is only my opinion. Maybe Sanjoh or others with more than 2 lights will chime in.
Good point, Low594 make me think...
At this point I'd really like somebody with a multi-light configuration to jump in! ANYBODY?
As far as I understand from reading here (but not completely through ALL posts yet!) the m60 is supposed to substitute a m44+m30 configuration. The main reason for 2 flooders is that I need good light in the ditch (full of boars here and these guys travel mainly during the night) in order to pick up eyes EARLY...
Now my understanding is that during the night they'll be too strong for oncoming traffic if I mount them high on the bike, that's why I thought putting'em on the nose of the chair so I may get usable light thrown also to the opposite (left) lane without burning people's retinas.
The m30 spot was to go close to the OEM light more for daytime visibility than for far throw (I recall reading the m60 throwing longer than a m30 anyway) and, aimed properly, doesn't need to be dimmed...

Trying not to need to re-order because of shipping and customs... (sitting in Italy)
Guess no gonna throw any extra light not needed on URAL... there's plenty of use for 'em on the Virago or my Jeep

Sanjoh and all the other guys: Let me know what you think !!!
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