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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
So according to Kellon's bio from the RDC quote he was "The first American motorcycle rider to win a stage in the Dakar". And if you believe that, then go ahead and believe everything you see and read about Robby too.

Strong et al, hi!

You point was discussed in the Planet Robby forum too. Here's a quote:

Correction: Chuck Stearns was the first American to win a motorcycle stage in the Dakar Rally. He had 7 stage wins in 1985.

My guess is that who ever wrote up the bio was using a bit of marketing babble by sayind the "Dakar" rally, which as far as I know, is the name of the rally in South America since it's inception. Of course we all think of all of the rallies as the Paris to Dakar Rally.

So yes, as far as the Paris to Dakar Rallies, Kellon was certainly not the first American to win a stage, but perhaps, and I haven't done the research to prove or disprove this, Kellon was the first American to win in the South America Dakar rallies.

Point being, it looks like marketing babble to me.

Am I making sense?

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