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Originally Posted by roadracer View Post
I saw Caselli won his Dakar stage with an average speed of 73mph, and I wondered how the M1K stacked up. I took the fastest rider of each stage:

D1SS1 74.75 gilky
D1SS2 61.81 valle
D1SS3 77.32 morton
D2SS1 55.01 valle
D2SS2 57.41 smith
D3SS1 57.67 gilky
D3SS2 66.32 valle
D4SS1 55.92 smith

total avg 60.86
Would be cool to have a rider of his level in the Mex1K so we could truly see how slow we all are (ok, mostly me) in comparison. I suspect Caselli would be faster in Baja then in most Dakar stages. Would also be cool to have more riders who have done Dakar do this to really hear just how much harder Dakar is. I didn't get much of a chance to talk to Octavio last year but really wanted to ask him that question at the end.

I recall chatting with Mouse McCoy last year and asking how fast he and the other top level pros would be going through some of this stuff on a bike. "Dude, you have no idea, it's absolutely crazy" was his response.
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