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Thumb Federal is the BEST ground shipper.

If you're in a hurry, Forward Air can get the bike delivered quickly and on time. But
the fuel MUST be 100% drained from the tanks because the bike is transported by
an aircraft. Forward Air also specifies that fumes must be absent. So delivering the
bike to the Forward Air depot is a bit more complex as a result because you cannot
simply ride it to the depot and drop it off. Having said that, Forward Air is a first class



I've personally been burned by Uship. I am aware that it is possible to have a good experience
with a shipper you locate via Uship, but because of the utter lack of accountability
in the Uship world, I will NEVER EVER use Uship again. I didn't get my opinion
from some silly TV show, I got my opinion because the Uship shipper promised to pick
up the bike on three different dates and never showed up on any of those dates.
The idiot from Uship cost me THREE WEEKS without my bike. That is not what I
had in mind when I hired a shipper.

Uship creates an opportunity to deal with some lowlife bozos, and if you think you
will somehow avoid problems dealing with Uship, I submit that you are taking a
risk you are not truly able to evaluate before the fact. You have no way of knowing
what the actual experience with a Uship shipper will be like until it is too late and you
have been inconvenienced, misled, lied to, ripped off, etc.

If you believe the reviews of the shippers on Uship you are a naive fool : it is
absurdly easy to create phony reviews. Don't say I didn't warn you. To those
who have endorsed Uship, above, I say that you are doing the ADVrider
community a disservice by recommending Uship. All that stuff about checking
the reviews is bullshit. The reviews are NOT a guarantee of a positive experience.
Rather than trust some guy you don't know who posts on ADVrider, whether it is
me or the guys above who claim Uship is ok, take a look at the AMA website and
see which shippers the AMA endorses. You will not see Uship on the list, and there
are good reasons for that.


Federal Motorcycle Transport are real pros who do it right. I've used them several
times, and unless I need to use air freight they will always be my first choice.
I care about my bikes and I like to do things as well as possible and avoid hassles.
And that is why I will continue to use Federal.

Their website is :

Their phone numbers are :



Their business hours are :

Central time -- 7:00am to 6:00pm - Monday through Friday.

Saturday hours are 10:00am to 2:00pm


I have no affiliation with Federal Motorcycle Transport; I have been their
customer several times and I have been extremely happy with their
service. I know several motorcycle dealers who use Federal and their
experiences have been uniformly positive.

By the way, Federal doesn't cost much more. I have found the difference
between Federal and Uship or other low-end shippers to be
consistently less than 10%. The small saving compared to the added risk
is a bargain only a fool would find attractive.


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