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Originally Posted by It'sNotTheBike View Post
I checked out uship. They appear to be just a clearing house for independents. They do not do any quality check on the folks on the list. So , the risk is not getting a quality independent on uship, its the quality of the shippers that sign up,, its not uniform, you definitely need to do you due diligence if you use them..

I originally posted out to uship ,, I did get a response / quote back , almost pulled the trigger on it but decided to do some due diligence. From limited information I was able to determine the guy's company name, his name and did a web search. He popped up on facebook,, lots of reference to drinking, partying and carrying on. Also looked him up on the Wisconsin crime database, he had at least one DUI, several speeding tickets and an operating under suspension. Need less to say I didn';t use him.

All ratings on uship real? no. I see the same thing on travel sites and ratings on hotels and restaturants , I'm sure If I looked hard enough I could find a company that would 'improve' my ratings for me on the web.
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