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If you have an unfinished basement use them there if it's not too dank and has headroom. You can grip over head.

Or two boxes one each side. .
Low gears toi begin your spin and balance.
Proper set up of the wheelbase match to the roller spacing will help a lot.

Don't watch TV at first. If you're indoors you'll need a fan. If the rollers have plain bearings with some good drag you won't need big gears.
Rollers reward smooth pedal strokes, i.e.pedaling squares.

I gave mine away and told the guy they were free if he promised to never bring them back. I'd rather ride on ice.

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So I picked up a set of nashbar PVC parabolic rollers for use during the icy winters here, which of course caused a heat wave melting the snow, but thats besides the point.

Never did ride rollers before, and man do I have to say these things are a real sonovabitch. I can get up using the wall for a support, but to just do a freestanding start is nearly impossible. Any tips? I will say once you get moving they are much better than any resistance trainer ive used, and wear you out trying to maintain speed to help your stability.

The nashbar units appear to be of decent quality, though the rollers scuff easilly. For $150, I cant complain and would reccomend them for anyone tired of dodging snowflakes. I havent even massively ate shit off them yet (although it sure felt like I was trying for the first day)
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