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i'm not so sure about that. Score has has had corporate sponsors that pay a bunch of money to put the event on including bfg, tecate, vw and others. I think that many of the bike guys don't realize that even class 11 (stock vw bug) is a pro class.

So now i'm going to put my flame suit on and continue.........

While changes to the rules like getting passed by a car ends your race would most likely eliminate a lot of "ironman", "bucket list", or "dust to gloyites", it will not eliminate the serious sportsmen racers who enter to actually race (and aren't riding just to say they've finished). I've always believed that entering a race is just that, and if you ain't fast enough to keep up, well then you need to go home and work on your speed or perhaps recognize that you just ain't fast enough to be playing with these guys. I used to race score on bikes back in the 70's, and i have had no problem admitting that there came a time when i didn't still have the speed and strength to continue to race it.

How many racers would like to at sometime in their life race a supercross or a ama national? At any given event, how many who show up and pay their entry fees are fast enough to qualify and how many have to go home because they simply aren't fast enough? That's all part of racing and the baja 1000, 500 & 250 have always been races.
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