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Originally Posted by MsLizVt View Post

My guess is that who ever wrote up the bio was using a bit of marketing babble by sayind the "Dakar" rally, which as far as I know, is the name of the rally in South America since it's inception. Of course we all think of all of the rallies as the Paris to Dakar Rally.

So yes, as far as the Paris to Dakar Rallies, Kellon was certainly not the first American to win a stage, but perhaps, and I haven't done the research to prove or disprove this, Kellon was the first American to win in the South America Dakar rallies.

I'm pretty sure Walch never rode the South American Dakar.

Nothing against Kellon at all, I hear he's a great person and a very accomplished rider, but -if memory serves me right- I think he "only" won the final "parade" stage in the 2005 or 2006 Dakar.

Again, I'm in no position to criticize any rider rider who ever started in the Dakar, it's just my head full of useless rally trivia speaking.

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