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But don't you still need to consider the max weight combined for the Sprinter and trailer?

For example my 3500 is a Roadtrek RV and has a lot of weight added to it with all the cabinets and such. If I understand it correctly, my GCWR (gross combined weight rating) is 15250, so Sprinter and trailer has to stay under that number, right?

If so, and my tow capacity is 7000, then my sprinter loaded has to stay under 8250 if I'm pulling a trailer at the max weight of 7000.

I haven't weighed the Sprinter all loaded up yet, but I bet it's gotta be close to 11,000. If so, I have to keep trailer weight under 4250. That can be tough. A bike and equipment can weigh in around 1000 or more depending on spares and tools, fuel, etc... So you have 3250 left for the weight of the trailer itself. And then you're maxed out. Who wants to max things out?

And what about the weight of the beer and firewood? :cool:

Am I understanding this correctly?

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