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Originally Posted by pinevalley View Post

Regarding your question about “how the bag fastens to the frame?”: The daisy chain loop wraps around the frame just like the GL. It utilizes a hook (and daisy chain) instead of the cam buckle. I had the GL on my Berg and KTM EXC wrapped them around the frame in the same spot. I wrap the Kreiga around the Berg frame (had sold the KTM) in the same spot as the GL. Just like the GL – the webbing is removed when removing the bags. I’m sure something could be rigged up so you would not need to loop it around the frame.

Regarding your question about the waterproof liner set up: Imagine the bag as a typical roll top closure. There is a inner liner (white, waterproof) and the outer shell. The white liner and the outer shell are only attached at the top – with Velcro (360 deg.). To close, you roll them together. I can relate to the scenario about removing tools from the GL. I had mine placed there was well. With the Kreiga I put tools/spareparts/kitchen/tent in one side and removed the liner completely as I was not concerned about waterproofing those items. I just dug in the bag. In the other side I placed my food at the bottom of the bag outside of the white liner.

Regarding you question about stashing US5/US10 on the back – that is what I do. I had this set up with the GL as well.

I’ll see if I can grab some photos.

I can’t say that one bag would be better than the other to dig stuff out of. I find the Kreiga easier to pack and find stuff. However, this is just my opinion. Just like backpacking – everyone has their preference on how to do things. And a somewhat related disclosure…I moved away from the GL not because it was not waterproof, but because I never was happy with how it packed and how high it stuck above the seat. i.e. I may be biased in answering your question.

Yup. What he said.

And a photo of the daisy chain attachment.

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