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Originally Posted by KamikazeKLR View Post
Anyone have any experience usuing helmet speakers? Not the communication type, but the ones uniquely for music.
I'm not going all the way to NFLD without any music so before I get any nasty comments saying that's dangerous...

I would just prefer using the speakers as opposed to earbuds. Let me know what you guys think!
Mel, I have experience with both headphones and helmet speakers...

I definitely agree, you need music for the ride to Newfoundland...make sure to download a generous helping of Great Big Sea to get you in the mood...that said here's what works for me...

In the city, and at speeds up to 80 kph, I use the speakers in my helmet, at low volume, so that I can still hear the sound of my engine and the traffic around me. This works pretty well, as the music quells any anxiety I might feel when riding, while the low volume is a nod to safety concerns that have been expressed to me by my spousal unit...

once you hit full highway speeds however, the in-helmet speakers tend to be drowned out by the sound of wind in the helmet - and it is necessary to use ear buds in order to hear any music whatsoever. I have found a relatively inexpensive pair from Sony - which were sold in 2-packs at Costco last year - but do not have a volume/skip control on them....They stay in my ears pretty well, and that is important, as it can be very distracting if they slip out while you are riding (as has my ipod headset).

When Brian and I went to Newfoundland last year, the most valuable tool we had was our SENA headsets...particularly when I was riding in the lead through MOntreal, with a dying GPS to guide me. Brian was able to quickly direct me (from behind, and out of my line of sight) in order to ensure I made the right turn when I was clearly headed to the wrong one. Even though I could not reply (my microphone was broken), we were able to work our way east without too much difficulty.

I would strongly urge you and Chris to consider getting a pair of SENAs, and then ask Brian about what mods need to be made in order to make them sturdier. I know you may not be keen on the extra expense, but when you start riding through cities like Montreal (or, if you will, Chicago), you are going to want to be able to keep in touch in the event that you get separated by other vehicles (which is a strong possibility in both places). Given that B and I have ridden over 20,000 kms together during our last 3 long-distance rides, I feel qualified to offer this bit of unsolicited advice...

Hope this helps...
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