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Originally Posted by dsy View Post
Its the PC535 recomended in the other threads. The only thing I did besides taking out the stand-off platform the stock battery sits on, was remove a couple fins so the cables had room to snake through. I did cut out and install new zip ties on the frame holding the cables also so they could be moved a little. The hold down was real easy. Just took some 3/4" flat steel and made the bends so the one end hooks under the frame right in front of where the rear shock bolts in and then drilled a hole in the other end to be able to use the top bolt hole from that bracket that is supposed to hold the owners manual. Then slid some shrink tube over it after painting it. Oh, also removed the terminals that came on the new battery and bent the stock BMW batt cable eyelet terminals to allow them to bolt down flat to the batt terminal studs.
Sounds like some people had issues installing the PC535, I had none.

This was the thread that Jim started that I used as a guide. His was done on an older GS but everything but the hold down was pretty much the same.
Thanks Man, sounds easy enough.
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