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Originally Posted by concours View Post
That tech guy who writes for Rider is a blithering boob. EVERY MONTH he gives shitfull advice based on less motorcycle knowledge than the average lawnmower mechanic. Sta-Bil works fine and does not foul plugs. I've stored stuff two years, starts right up like I shut it down last week. Startron is fine, but not the magic eliexer that the hucksters claim. It's fuel stabilizer.

+1, the rep from Startron must be sucking this guy's dick. I'm sure it works fine as a stabilizer, but guess what? So do Stabil and Sea Foam and they won't foul your plugs. You know what fouls plugs? Trying to start a Concours with dirty ass nasty gummed up carbs because the owner didn't DRAIN them before storage. Fuel stabilizer doesn't keep the fuel in the bowls from evoporating and leaving fuel residue behind!
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