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Originally Posted by zaner32 View Post
I use the Wunderlich Vario on my mostly highway rides and it works very well. But I completely agree with you that it bounces around too much on off road stuff. I can ride with the Wunderlich at 80 mph with the helmet visor open.
It's funny how the same screen can work perfectly for one guy and be an absolute failure for the next guy. At 80 mph with the Vario it felt like my eyeballs were going to rattle out of my head. Adding the deflector helped some, but not enough.

I installed the Aeroflow short off road screen today. There's absolutely zero helmet buffeting with this screen.. my helmet is completely in clean air flow. Only downside is wind blast on the upper chest and shoulders on the highway. I'm going to try this one for a while and see if I can live with it.
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