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I had a new tiger 800 last August and was heading out for a weekend ride with a few mates in early Nov (late spring here) . I had been really looking forward to getting away on a nice cruisy ride with the boys. As we got going things just didn't seem right but I was thinking it was just lives stresses finally working their way out of my system.

About an hour into the ride, we're cruising a nice gravel back road. Im thinking 'how good is this?' Next thing 'BANG' I hit the deck going about 50-60kmh. Swerved to dodge a cow and not sure after that. Bike was a mess and i ended up with a severely smashed elbow.

A couple days later the bike went off to be repaired and so did I. The thought process was that if they write the bike off, im done riding. If they fix it i HAVE to get back on it. Just like the horse.

Well the bike got repaired. $9500 damage. Im slowly on the mend but still don't know if I'll be able to ride as i have limited use of my are but im still working on that. I plan on doing a ride in may to farewell a guy who has been an inspiration to many. That is my plan and i hope to stick to it. I'll reevaluate after that.
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