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Brake calipers...

I remember thinking the brakes were not so great when I rode this bike, so I decided it's finally time to rebuild the calipers. There's a very detailed article with lots of pix in the Sept/Oct 2011 issue of Motorcycle Classics that I had saved. Only thing is, it talked about using the hydraulics to force the pistons closed together after you take the calipers off the disks, (making them easy to remove) and I'd already gone way past that step before I looked at the article. The two front calipers were pretty crusty, and only one of the four pistons came out with the old compressed air trick...

So I messed around with the others a bit, penetrating oil, finally using a torch to heat the aluminum housing, then a couple whacks with a chisel to the piston itself, just to try to break loose the rust. More penetrating oil. One of them came out pretty readily with that approach, The other two required two heat cycles and some time for the penetrating oil to work, then a clamp over the o-ring to the internal port, and it finally came out too. (Couldn't hold it tight enough with my finger.) By this time, I was convinced I'd need new anodized pistons, so I wasn't worried about being a bit agressive with the old ones, and I was careful not to damage the housings. So I have both front ones in pieces now, and waiting for new pistons.

For the purists who might be following along, I had forgotten to take the rubber piston seals out before I took this picture, otherwise, I think all the parts are showing. It's really a quite simple unit. At least to take apart.
Funny thing, the rear caliper was clearly a new unit, and compared to the other two was very pristene, even the rubber dust covers looked new, so I'm gonna leave it alone.

Meanwhile, my wheel bearings came in, so I should have some fun reassembly to do this weekend. And I'll even get to use the wheel balancer! later, roy
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