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Last thing for today.

I wanted both conspicuity lights (see above), and driving lights. I also wanted to move the conspicuity lights lower so they didn't wash out my turn signals.

This was my cheap solution:

Using 1" by 1/8" flat bar I formed this:

Checking for clearance I zip tied it in place.

The center section is 11" long, with a 1.5" drop and 4" mounting surface for lights. It is quite stiff as is.

Being cheap, I made my own "J" bolts from long bolts I had in the bin.

I wanted to bed liner paint it, but had run out, so I used Plastidip. It was really too thick, but should be OK for now. I have plans for a slightly improved unit in the future.

Mounted to the beak frame with J-bolts. As far forward as possible. This gives the forks about an inch of clearance at full lock.

The conspicuity lights are mounted low, and the driving lights high. (Yes, I would have prefered black light housings for both, but they were cheap.) I used the same bolt, loctited, for both lights.

Front view. Looks like this should work great!

I will wire up the lights when I receive the fuse box next weekend.

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