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From Si Pavey, tonight' s sleeping arrangements
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I tried to translate a bit better than google

"This is increasingly dangerous"

On arrival at the bivouac in the municipal sports improvised Cachi, a tiny town in northern Argentina and framed in a beautiful valley on the right of the Andes that served as camp in yesterday motorbikes marathon stage, most pilots were unaware of the fatal news. But no one was surprised. "I have given more than a header and I've had more than a scare," said Joan Pedrero, sixth yesterday: "We're a number and in Dakar when it's your turn, it's your turn. This is becoming increasingly dangerous. All race days and every year I've wondered why I'm here. I guess I do it because it's my job and an adventure, "he added. "It's so high you have to learn to breathe properly, in that stretch we have been sleepy,because of height and tiredness. We all blinked at some point. And besides, was unlucky, "explained the Chilean Francisco Lopez also.

I was dizzy and I had to stop, "says Joan Barreda
There were those, even, who stopped to take a light nap, for fear of having an accident. It was the case of Laia Sanz and Marc Guasch: "I was giving headbutts and I saw that Marc was ahead of me and went off the road. We stopped three minutes and get some sleep because we were given just enough time for the link because if not, I would slept half an hour, "explained the pilot. "You have to go with 1000 eyes. Today we have more than 850 kilometers and many in height and it was new ... and I've had terrible, made me dizzy and I had to stop, so I did yesterday on the link: I fell to sleep until a truck I woke up, "Joan Barreda had.

The recurring question during the evening was: How old were you? 25 years?? His youth beat those who know they are risking their lives at every stage, but do not give up their passion and, in many cases, to their lifestyle. "It's a tough day," said the Frenchman David Casteau lamenting the news. "My backpacking (Romain Souvignet) was his friend. They were from the same place and got along very well. Is severely affected. It was his first Dakar, yes, but he had some great years. It's a shame. "
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