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Geez, an OLD /2... Not much I can tell you. When I bought my '65 R60/2 it was pretty much done by feel, for the bike as well as the guy selling it. Expect that you WILL have to do a teardown to clean the oil slingers. (Otherwise the engine is a grenade, just waiting to seize, do you feel lucky?...) I'm assuming it's been off the road a while? No history? If it's not complete, it can get really expensive, and be an endurance test. Call Vech in Sturgis, MS if a specific question pops into your head. (Crap, I can't recall the name of his shop right now; (it's in vendor links on My bike was right at the limit when I tore it apart for the slingers.
All that aside, she's a wonderful ride on back roads at a slower pace, (for today's world). Open face lid, wife along on her scooter, checking out the horse pastures... Takes you back to when you were a kid, just out to see what you could see. They're great bikes, good luck.
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