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Originally Posted by Sock Monkey View Post
There probably won't be too much dithering once you get a ride on one. You'll either love it or hate it. There won't be much middle ground.

My rides home from work yesterday and today are great examples of what I like about the bike. Yesterday it was pissing down rain (where'd THAT come from? dang weather forecast.....) and with the Guzzi's great low-end grunt, I just kept the revs down and chugged home. No dramas. Tonight, I was headin' for the barn after a particularly sucky week at work and kept it above 5k RPM as I ripped through traffic and zipped around bozos doing 35 in 50mph zones. It's happy to chug chug chug at 3k RPM or get frisky with a nice mid-range punch above 5k RPM. Just a nice, wide, usable powerband, with nothing scary to put you on your arse if you're not careful. Good stuff.

In Russia we have saying, "if it isn't broke, don't fix it". We also say, "if it is broke, don't fix it".
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