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Originally Posted by dman View Post
Goodcat8 .... if you liked Salton Sea, you should check out Trona? A side of California we don't see much of.

I've heard of it, gonna google it now. Thanks for the heads up.

Originally Posted by C-Stain View Post
Nice shots! Would love to see more from that area. I hear its quite a sight...

Oh - and about this Jersey Shore thing? Lets not do that again.....
Fear not, we have Snookie and Vinny and possibly Pauly D spin-off's in the works!! Hey, it keeps a roof over my head....

Originally Posted by gogogordy View Post
and RR Goodcat. Im real familiar (so I thought) with that area riding there often as I live in Temecula not too far away..but where are the dinosaurs? I've never seen those.

Do tell....
Those big fellas are in, near, or around cabazon. Here's the link. I've been there before, you can go into and climb up around the t-rex and the long neck guy. There's also this whole museum store situation going on in the back. Super cool for the kids....... or the big kids.

Originally Posted by ahwarm View Post
Great pictures and report. Especially the iPhone pictures. I've passed by the Salton Sea hundreds of times in a truck and trailer getting to Glamis. Never once thought of exploring it via bike. Sounds like a pretty good adventure. I live off the 60 in Ontario so I'm sure you passed my exit. Wouldn't mind tagging along next time you venture off that way.

Will do. I'll post up when I head out again. Most of my local riding buddies aren't into distance anything.
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