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Originally Posted by Stagehand View Post
8 168 - POSKITT Lyndon (GBR) KTM 22h00m04s +04:31:47 --:--:--
9 154 - BEAULÉ Patrick (CAN) KTM 22h45m10s +05:16:53 +00:30:00
10 051 - PAVEY Simon (AUS) HUSQVARNA 23h04m46s +05:36:29 --:--:--
11 033 - CAMPBELL Johnny (USA) HONDA 23h24m03s +05:55:46 --:--:--
12 098 - LUCCHESE MANUEL (ITA) TM 24h25m59s +06:57:42 --:--:--
13 107 - BOUNDS Craig (GBR) KTM 24h59m00s +07:30:43 --:--:--
14 150 - BELAUSTEGUI Luis (ARG)

These guys are incredible. The times of even the guys farther back in the pack are blowing me away. To think of how fast the guys in front are going is hard for me to imagine carrying for a hundred miles. What the stages seem to lacking in overall mileage they seem to be making up for in difficulty.
Jan looked whooped. I've felt like he looked. Sometimes that bike just feels Really Big and Heavy. Snowballed. Still, missing the fuel dump is a hell of a way to dnf.

I'm looking strong for a good ride tomorrow. Have to work, but its a recording babysit gig, and Les Troyens is a five hour opera, so I should have no trouble (knock wood) keeping up, I hope.

Going to be a very interesting day. Looking forward to Cyril get mad


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