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Originally Posted by David R View Post
You will need a 100 amp outlet for that old miller. I have used them.

They are all good. What are you going to use 465 amps on? what torch?

Find and read the power requirements on line at miller,com.

I have all inverters. AC tig IS much better than a sine wave and cheaper for electricity.

I use a Thermal Arc Arcmaster 185 AC/DC on a 30 amp circuit with a water cooled torch. I also have a Lincoln V350 DC only which I rarely go over 250 amps for tig. It has a water cooled 350 amp torch. This is on a 60 amp 220 Volt Circuit.

You will see those big ol transformer machines on Ebay for $500 frequently. Shipping not included.....

I can't imagine needing 465 amps and most of what I would ever weld could be done with 270 (the medium setting on those old millers) the 220 outlet in my shop is only 50 amps but I do have 100 amps comming into the panel. I wouldn't be surprised if I never kick the breaker as it is with what I will be welding.

The welder at school is an inverter AC lincoln with an air cooled torch and I'm not overly impressed with it, but that is mostly due to the torch getting too hot to hold way before the duty cycle kicks in. I haven't had a chance to try it on aluminium.

how mucch would you expect to pay for your welder on the used market and would you feel confident doing so?
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