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How About - No Adult Left Behind

The more I see of the failures of our modern "education" system, the more dismal my hopes for this nation become. An example:
Last trip to Los Anchorage I purchased a candy thermometer, as I like to make flavored syrups and have grown tired of guessing when it is cooked to the right consistency. But upon trying this newly acquired gem of high tech Chinese manufacturing prowess and clever American marketing, it was discovered that water now boils at 195F rather than the 212 that was the rule back when I was a youngster. And for those who insist upon referring to my many accumulated years - Yes, fire had been discovered by the time I was old enough to observe such things.

To resume the tale - The thermometer had to be returned, as it was not going to accomplish the goal for which it had been purchased. Explaining to the young lady in the store (which shall remain nameless) that it appeared to indicate an erroneous temperature (NOTE: The packaging stated that this instrument was reliable from 100 to 400F.) she looked it over and replied (intending to overcome my appalling ignorance) "Well, this is a candy thermometer". Not being too bright, I responded that I was under the impression that water boiled at 212F regardless what type thermometer was used to measure the temperature.

It was probably to my advantage that the thermometer wasn't marked with Celsius, Kelvin, and Absolute scales as well as Fahrenheit,

She was generous enough to refund the purchase price... and probably related to her husband that night a tale of the ignorant old man whom she waited upon that morning, who used a candy thermometer to measure the temperature of water, of all things!
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