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Originally Posted by sanjoh View Post
Perhaps Bob with the sidecar rig will chime in

IIRC he is running 3 Model 44s.

Your setup with a couple of model 60s should work fine. If you are concerned about blinding traffic, I would suggest one of our LED controllers, will let you dim the lights and have full power on high beam.
Hi John,
Here is a reply/review I sent to a fellow rider when he asked me about the ADVMonster lights:

" I saw the ADVMonster LED's on another bike while I was at my local
mechanic's shop. The dimmer function is really impressive. After seeing them
in person, I never actually investigated any of the alternatives, so I
can'tcomment on them.
I had the 30 spots on an Aprilia 500 scooter. They were pretty good on
that as it was more for conspicuity than anything else. The light down the
road at full brightness is good.
I have the 44 floods on the Kbike rig. The one in the sidecar is on full
bright at all times. The pair on the forks are on a dimmer. I feel the
dimmed floods are more conspicious than the spots because of the spread of
the beam, similar to the fog lights on my Camry. I've not had any problem
being flashed by oncoming traffic.
The pics show the LED's on full power. This was before I had
the HID in the low beam. Note there is not excessive light when dimmed in
the oncoming lane. The small reflective signs in the distance are 1/2 mile
When you hit the high beam and the LED's go full power everything lights
up. I feel they are more effective through turns & curves because there is
no cutoff of the beam when on a solo bike.
With my new to me R I'm waiting to see his new spot series, but think I
will still go with the 44's or 60's for the reason above. I'll also mount
them low on the forks.
Hope this helps.
High beam and full power:
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