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Originally Posted by DrMoto View Post
Got a couple of 1.5W lights from (PLM series) . . . . They look a bit yellow from off-axis; more white head-on.

I am copying you shamelessly. I bought these for my KLR because I saw your post.

First surprise: charges only $2.99 shipping on $11.90 of product. This is great in an era of deceptively low prices and huge shipping charges.

Second surprise: The housings are aluminum. I don't know what waterproofness standard IP65 is, but I'll take a dip.

The light is bright and wide. The cone of white light is about 90-degrees (45-degrees each side of cenerline) then there's a narrow but distinct yellow halo around the edge. Your photo above is of this halo.

I'm even going to copy your mounting location although I'm handicapped by having only the 650 KLR. (I found your post by kinda thinking that a 250 would be nice.)
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