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I survived my first night in Guatemala camping indoors at a fuel station. Got to know some locals to hear interesting stories and measure life from a different prospective.
Moses, the owner of the fuel station used to be a drug addict. That was until twelve years ago. At 14 years he quitted school and smuggled himself into USA and lived there in various states. Itís during his stay in the USA he started consuming drugs. But after a few years he returned to Guatemala, and started changing his life. Now a God fearing man, has three children of his own and five adopted ones, a beautiful house and of course a prosperous business!
ďI started all this with nothingĒ. ďWith the right attitude to life you can achieve a lotĒ says Moses. In those couple of hours I spent with them at their home, I saw a man and a family with determination. All the children were very polite and friendly. They wanted to know so much about my travels. The language barrier did not deter them from asking me questions. When there was a question, which I didnít understand, they did not give up until they found an answer to that particular question trying to make me understand by using more than hands and feet.
My journey further on was very pleasant. Undesirable road conditions on the previous day did not continue. Instead, there were marvelous scenic views on good paved roads, full of motorcycle friendly curves, riding through towns and villages and seeing the busy and daily struggles of the Guatemalans. There seem to be a shortage of public transport here. I saw people struggling to get from one place to another, literally running behind vehicles in the hope that they might stop or sharing a ride on the back of pickup trucks with pigs chickens ducks. Some of those vehicles reminded me of Arch of Noah.
But the people seem to be happy. They smiled a lot and they didnít seem to let their struggles weigh them down and walk around with long faces. Itís so unfortunate that I have to rush through this country. It seems to offer millions of best photo opportunities. Every corner I take there is something to marvel at or something intriguing. Most of these are very subtle things. A woman carrying a child on her back including, what seems to be a couple of months shopping or men at work with their diggers in the fields labouring under the sun or to see a man dressed up as if he is on his way to work in an office but driving three donkeys laden with firewood.
Itís a fascinating country. But I need to push on. There is a world waiting out there to read my ride reports of other countries 
Wish you all a nice day!
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