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I think if you do some research, WADA showed up to the AMA Supercross(Back when they ran it) and tested all the riders over two events, and found nothing. Zero. Nada. So, they gave up on that realm because there is no cheating there, in any form they recognized at the time anyway...seems like they would find the same in Dakar, or any other non-mainstream motorsport at the professional level. At least, IME. There is no getting stoned, tweaking for the duration of the event, or getting all 'roided out to win your class in the Dakar; you do it on so many levels that the human body could not need any compromises and the event is long and intense enough that no drug or cocktail could maintain it's effectiveness without other issues for that long.

That said, WADA is clearly a business and not an enforcement organization, so letting someone get away with it and then choosing a scapegoat makes them look all the better. Like any other "enforcement" organization, the casualties have to justify their existence, so there is a functional level of whatever goes on that they become the modulator of, not the eliminator of.
if the WADA is just a bizness, who cares what they think?... they're talking about $$$ penalties in court, which i really don't understand. i really don't give 2 shizzits about what Ford thinks, you dig?... one of the bike riders they keep talking about his spinal compression, and he's riding w/a metric buttload of painkillers onboard, what's the WADA got to say about that?... they were showing one of the riders w/a handfull of something to combat the altitude problems, where's the WADA?....

i just got a real problem w/the WADA and how they've finagled their way into these sporting organizations.... i would really hate to see them in an event like the Dakar, so don't get me wrong... it's a total sham what they've done to lance, but that whole drug thing in the TDF is a sham too, just don't spell anybody's name wrong for the publicity, you dig?.... you don't hear about the WADA and the NFL now, do you? they go there, and probably somebody's gonna be sleepin' w/the fishes.....
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