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Originally Posted by mike54 View Post
I've only used TKC's or Tourance's. I don't know anything about the Heidenau K60.

I used Tourances on my 1150GS when I went in 04. We had mostly dry weather and they worked fine everywhere. When we got to Coldfoot it was raining pretty good to the north so we chose to turn back at that point. Similar to LaurelPerryOnLand. I had to change the Rear Tourance before I left AK because of wear. I usually get 8,000 out of a set but the rear was gone at 6,000. The roads up there seem to eat tires more than here in CA. Given that I wouldn't start on a set of TKC's I only get 3 - 4,000 from them. If it were to do it again, I'd start on Tourances and have a set of TKC's available that I could use for the dalton depending on the weather.

What you might do is start off on Tourances and switch to the TKCs in Dalton for the ride to Inuvik. There's some bike friendly people there than can help you make that happen. Check the AK regionals.
Put the Tourances (or Anakees if you prefer) back on when you get back to Dalton and head for Tok. Top of the world sould be no problem wet or dry.

Food for though. Most of all enjoy your trip. I need to do it again.
This is a good place where you can either buy tires or have your tires SHIPPED to and they'll mount them for you when you pass through Fairbanks. They've even got a POWER WASHER you can use to de-gunk your bike after returning from the Dalton!

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Dan Armstrong

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