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01/07/13 Exploring Puebla

Hostel Popocatepetl.

There was nothing wrong with the hostel we were staying in (well, the vicious dog barking at [and slobbering on] us from the roof maybe), however, hostels are for social interaction and that wasn't happening at Popocatepetl, as we were the only ones there. I had two other hostels GPSed so I decided to leave my baggage (Randy kept his) and explore Puebla while looking for another hostel. We rode to the town center, passing monuments, cathedrals, museums and all manner of cultural wonders. Puebla is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Main Cathedral.

The streets of Puebla.

We found the hostel we were looking for a mere 4 blocks from the Zocalo (main central square). Hostel Santo Domingo has a large courtyard, a small cafe and both private rooms and dorms. They found us parking in a small courtyard at the back which required us to ride through the courtyard/cafe. I really liked the look of the place and suspected that there would be other travelers here (eventually) so we decided to move in.

Not the hostel (didn't take photos) .

A couple of blocks from the original hostel I was forced to do some lane splitting (no luggage) to get on the right street and lost Randy (luggage, no splitting). Now normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but with no communication in a strange (to us) city and with Randy's troubles navigating (in cities only [for the most part]), this was trouble. I doubled back, but he was already gone. After waiting for him at the last known location for a while, I returned to the hostel and there he was waiting. Luckily we wandered the area the night before and enough was familiar that he found his way. I think I'm supposed to learn a lesson from this...

Mexican Pro-wrestling Arena

We moved into the new hostel, but were currently the only guests. Hopefully social interaction will ensue at some point. Apparently you pay a premium for it. We checked a few hotels nearby and it was cheaper for us to get our own private rooms (each) then it was to sleep in the bunk bed in a dorm at the hostel. Strange. Anyway, it was time to explore the city on foot for a while.

Puebla sites.

We wandered the streets looking at sites, smelling smells, hearing sounds and tasting the gastromonica. Puebla is beautiful. At one point we wandered into the tourist info office to get a map and met a guy named Roberto. He gave us an interesting tip: If we went to the main cathedral at 4pm, asked for Mr. Felix, maybe he would take us up to the top of the towers (tallest towers in Mexico [they say], where tourists are not permitted [they say] with amazing views of the volcanoes [they say]). Unfortunately, when we showed up at 4-ish and asked for Senior Felix, either something was lost in translation or he didn't exist, or he wasn't working that day. The conversation was very hushed (inside the cathedral) and there was no satisfactory explanation. Perhaps we'll try again tomorrow.

Tallest towers in Mexico?

More sites.

Deep fried potato pie thingy...

Back at the hostel a few backpackers moved in. I met some interesting people and had some interesting conversations. Got some interesting tips on where to go and what to do.

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