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don't forget the never seize!!

Went to replace front brake pads on my 2003 1150GS with Evo calipers @ 130,000 miles (second time, my first) and found that both pad retaining pins were seized in the calipers. Seems the mechanic did not put never seize on the threads last time. Using penetrating oil and heat, I was finally to get one pin out with the worst squeaking sounds I have ever heard! The other pin would not budge. Broke 2 #30 torx wrenches. Found a 3/8 drive #30 torx socket at Sears, and succeeded in stripping out the recessed torx head. Luckily the pins are fairly soft so I carefully drilled it out to 5/16" diameter which enabled me to use a miniature hack saw (one made by Lennox works really well) to slit the remaining screw threads in three places to remove it. Still was difficult to get it to move. Cleaned out threads and coated the threads on the new pins with never seize before replacing. Whew!
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