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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
Fuck it. Instead, have aread at what Jordi Viladoms has to say about yesterday:

Jordi Viladoms: "It is terrible to drive in these conditions, but I wanted to finish the stage in order to stay in the race"

Yesterday was one of those days you never forget Jordi, the seventh stage between Calama and Skip was complicated at times and the pilot arrived at Bivouac past twelve at night. To give you an idea of ​​the strength of this evidence, note that participants in the Dakar special begin each day at dawn after making several hundred kilometers of link. Specifically yesterday, the stage was timed 218 and 585 link and crossed two countries Chile and Argentina.

Jordi broke down on his motorcycle shortly after starting the special, exactly at mile 38, he could not resolve until six in the afternoon approximately. Because in the marathon stages like this, the assists are not permitted, our pilot had to contrive with the tools he had on him to repair the Husqvarna. He himself has told how she faced the difficult situation:
"I set the path to the bivouac knowing that I'd catch the night, but I tried to concentrate on driving and not risking too much to not suffer any downtime. The bike was fine, but driving at night forced me to go little by little, it becomes very hard to stay focused after so many hours, but I tried and just focused my mind on every yard progressed. When you're in the race and is the day you know that if anything ever happens is passing other riders, bikes either, cars or trucks, but apart from a truck that had been unable to finish the stage, there was only me, and that made me take it slow. But that was not all, it started raining and snowing that altitude, and visibility became even smaller, is terrible to drive in these conditions, but was willing to finish the stage in order to stay in the race. "

After spending six hours driving, with poor visibility, difficulty reading the roadbook that lets you avoid getting lost, dark and raining, Jordi arrived at the bivouac in cars and trucks. Although I should have finished in the bivouac of bikes, fortunately the organization decided that, as a precaution and prioritizing the integrity of the pilot, Jordi to stay with them. Motorcycle reach the bivouac, supposed back up to 5,000 meters and snowing night. Jordi already had too many hours in the race and also could run out of gas. A Jordi finally touched hers reassure:
"Upon arrival at the bivouac after many hours I called the home run, that's the hard part of this race also, no hear from me did not know under what conditions you can imagine I was and what they were eternal hours not only for me but for friends, family ... Also, do you know of whom I remembered? Del school Ullastrell Serralavella of each year that follows me and worried a lot during a similar experience when I lived in the Atacama Desert in another Dakar when after breaking a part of the bike I was without a navigation system or GPS. Did not know how to find the control points let alone how to get to the bivouac. They sent me some pictures of how incredible it had lived and sending me encouragement. "

On that occasion, Jordi not only made it to the bivouac after 400 kilometers blindly by Atacama but not missed even one step controls. He lost four hours in the Atacama desert with no chance of being guided only by the marks that he encountered. Came dehydrated and doing the last kilometer towed by a colleague why he had run out of gas, but never threw in the towel! Yesterday he did it again. In Walnut we have no words to describe what has been able to do Jordi. Showed that not only wins Dakar which takes the podium. For us, and certainly for all its people, Jordi won his Dakar yesterday.

And to top it off, the pilot still in the race Igualada and faces the eighth stage of the Dakar in Argentine territory between Salta and San Miguel de Tucuman with 183 and 228 competitive kilometers liaison. Tomorrow, day off, well deserved for Jordi Viladoms. By the way, you are preparing a surprise:)

Ah! By the way, the image illustrating this post is one of the school's students drawings of Ullastrell Serralavella did to Jordi when lost in Atacama. It reads: "A single sentence but very important, go ahead".

Nate in N.E.

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