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The Rockies in The Spring

I am mapping out a four month trip, with the majority of it in the Rockies...

If I leave North Carolina between April 15th and May 1st***... I am looking at Yellowstone NP then Montana 89 North and Glacier NP in early to mid May, with most of May and early June heading south along the trajectory of the continental divide.

If any locals or others have done this route around this time of year RECENTLY, please let me know what you found with the roads.

I understand that at those elevations, at any time, there can be snow, hail and sleet... that is the chance I am willing to take to avoid the heavy tourist season of July and August... I would rather deal with weather than a swarm of slow moving, view blocking RV's on the road.

The bike is a Buell 2010 City X, geared with touring tires and plenty of camping equipment. I probably can't afford the F700GS I want... that will have to come later... so I am not really looking for dirt/ gravel road conditions, but paved roads.


PS- I will list specific roads as I am researching them... suggestions of not to miss paved roads are welcome...

*** Edited to leave here around May 15th- and START IN ALBUQUERQUE following advice below... 01/19/13
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