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Mon 7 Jan 2013

Everyone's excited. All were having breakfast at 630 instead of the scheduled 7 am.

Even the hotel staff were excited and wanted to take a picture with our bikes so that they can display it at their lobby.

We set off at 745. The Thai border area was crowded with people, mostly from Myanmar. You won't feel like you are in Thailand.
At the Thai customs we encountered our first problem. They wouldn't let us go through as they were not informed of our exit through the border. Moreover they said that the Myanmar side does not allow motorbikes in.

After some persuasion they agreed to let us in if the guide from Myanmar comes over with the approval papers. Eric contacted the guide and he agreed. Everyone cheered up again. The guide arrived with the necessary papers and the customs guy went through our bike documentation. Then came the second problem. The customs guy at the Sadao immigration did not update the chassis number of Uncle David's new bike number. Do refused to let his bike through. We were looking at our options, let Uncle David keep his bike in Thailand and follow the escort vehicle round Myanmar. We tried for
the last time by producing the log card and telling them that it was a mistake made at the Sadao end. The customs officer then talked to his counterpart at Sadao and finally allowed the bike to go through.
It was 1130. We were stuck there for 3 and a half hours. We crossed over the friendship bridge into Myanmar. The immigration officers there were waiting outside to welcome us in. He collected our passports got it stamped and handed it back to us. He requested to take some pictures with us too. So after some picture taking we were escorted into Myanmar.

The roads were not as bad as I expected it to be. After about a10 km in the road transformed into a sort of dirt track going up and down the hills. It was also congested with buses and lorries. With my bike I had a really hard time maneuvering it through these difficult conditions.

Some of the dropped their bikes as it was sometimes difficult to balance yourself when you stop as the surface was not level. That I managed to go through without dropping it was a surprise for me too. The 50 km of dirt road gradually took its toll on me. I was sort of dehydrated and didn't have any water with me. We have been riding for a few hours, I could not tell as I was too exhausted. We didn't have any lunch either. That didn't help and aggravated my condition further. Finally I saw some of my buddies at a road side stall. They were getting the bikes washed down from the dust. I put my head under the running water and let it cool down. It was so refreshing. But I was still feeling weak, drank a lot of water but it didn't seem to help. Finally the lady in the shop offered me a drink that was similar to Red Bull. I had that and lay down for a while. That helped a lot. We were told that the restaurant was only a few km away. So we continued and stopped to have our lunch.

It was almost 4 pm if I wasn't mistaken.The remaining 100 km were rough but manageable. There were intermittent good roads every now and then. It was dark and we were still riding. We lit up the whole villages a we passed by them as there didn't be electricity around those areas. We finally reached our hotel, The Grand Hill Hotel at Pa'an. It was a very small hotel with small rooms.

After a quick shower we were ready for dinner. Dinner was in the garden.

We had dinner and talked about the days events. Everyone was tired and decided to hit the bed.

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