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Well, great news. There was only an internal spacer in the rear shock. Thanks Konflict Motorsports for letting me know about that. I had the shock serviced at Sams Cycle Shop here in Las Vegas, and sure enough, they found the internal spacer. They charged me $150.00 to service it. The shocks already back on the bike, and the height's restored back to factory. I also put a new Seat Concepts seat kit on it, along with a seat heater. Ahhhh..nice warm tushy for those cold desert rides! (it's been down to 29 degrees here lately).

I couldn't help but contact the previous owner and let him know how bad Three Brothers screwed him. He was convinced that it was not reversible, and then suddenly last night he remembered they HAD put in the internal spacer, and done nothing else to it. Seriously? That would have been nice to know a couple weeks ago when I was trying to figure out what to do... At any rate, paying a shop $500.00 to do a $150.00 job is, in my opinion, getting robbed. Sam at Sams Cycle agreed. The previous owner however didn't seem to be bothered by knowing he over paid by $350.00...

These were taken before I had the spacer removed, and put the shock back on.... The bike sits about an 1.5" higher or so now.

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