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There are three kinds of KTM owners. Group 1: Those with abundant disposable income to let a dealer do all the work. Group 2: Those who are comfortable wrenching on a bike so do just about everything themselves. Group 3: Those who know the way to get knowledgable friends to help them involves offering beer and possibly some steaks on the grill.

Moral of the story is if you are not currently a member of Group 2 or 3 I suggest you become a member.

Outside of a complete engine rebuild requiring machining and/or ridiculously expensive speciality tools there is nothing mysterious or out of the ordinary about working on a 950. I have rejetted, performed valve adjustments, done the H2O pump etc. Nothing to it that a little bit of mechanical skill and patience will overcome. Only thing to date that I have had done outside or my own garage is the suspension, simply due to the fact that my lovely wife does not like hearing me cuss that much.
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