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Originally Posted by jpod999 View Post
After seeing your posts from Minnesota way back in the thread, I decided to try a gin and tonic with bitters. Having never tried gin before, most people had told me they hated it due to some horror story from when they were 14 and got wasted on it. I picked up some Beefeater, Schweppes, and Angustora the other day, and WOW. So good!
Funny how much we avoid trying new things without realizing that there aren't any valid reasons not to. Glad you're enjoying the drink. I did a little research and it turns out the drink dates from the 1850s. It's *gasp* called a "Pink Gin." Not very original, nor manly (to be fair, up until the 1940s there were still arguments that, because it was closer to red (fire), pink was a more appropriate color than blue (which was closely associated with the Virgin Mary) for little boys. In any case, I think the drink could use an updated name. Here's the interesting history of it, though (from Wiki):

Pink gin is a typically British way of enjoying gin. It is widely agreed that the drink was first created by members of the Royal Navy. Plymouth gin is a 'sweet' gin and was added to Angostura bitters to make the consumption of Angostura bitters more enjoyable.
Angostura bitters were discovered as a cure for sea sickness in 1824 by Dr. Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert.
The British Royal Navy then brought the idea for the drink to bars in Britain, where this method of serving was first noted on the mainland. By the 1870s, gin was becoming increasingly popular and many of the finer establishments in Britain were serving Pink Gin.

140 years later rediscovered. :)

Originally Posted by vaara View Post
Add me to the ever-growing list of people who joined ADVRider just because of AntiHero. I've relished every single pixel of this RR and am hoping against hope that AH will richochet off California and continue to carom around North America for a few more years, just so we can have some more eye and brain candy to enjoy.

As for me, I'm firmly ensconced in San Francisco, where an "adventure ride" means slaloming across trolley tracks on a rainy day, but this has inspired me to try to find a way to become unstuck
Thanks for joining. I lurked for long time on ADV, too, soaking up others' ride reports while the need to strike out and ride on my own built up and built up over the years. I'll be back up in SF sometime soon--out of all the big cities I've ridden in, SF is the absolute best. (Trolley tracks (and those sickeningly awful cheese grater vents for Muni on Market) notwithstanding.) I'll be back soon, rain or shine. :)

Originally Posted by Sumanster View Post
Having been to DV twice on weekends, I'm curious what day(s) of the week you were there to avoid the crowds?

Anyway, continued safe travels and best wishes on your book! :)
The best time to go is the day after Memorial day or Labor day. The park is empty! Anytime in the summer is good, too. You'll see tour buses, but 120 degree heat tends to keep people away. :)

Originally Posted by John Nash View Post
Anti... how did you hear of the Black Hoof in Toronto?y
I was staying just down the street. Can't recall exactly how I heard about it, but I'm happy I did. (Page 30, btw)
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