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O.K. Fellas. I need some help with my DDM headlight kit. I came across ADVGrifter's posts about the headlight tutorial, both here and on TT. Please take a look at what I received from DDM. Mainly, I don't see/understand how I secure the new bulb in my headlight housing? The original bulb has a metal lip/flange that secures it into the headlight housing. The flange surrounding the headlight is metal. There is now way to transfer this to the new bulb as seen in the pictures.

In ADVGrifter's posts on page 3, beginning with reply #35, his 8th and 9th photo shows a bulb flange that appears to be rubber?? Did I order the wrong parts from DDM? Is there a rubber part or flange that surrounds the bulb that I need to order from Suzuki to place around the new bulb to secure it into the headlight assembly?

The pictures below should clearly show what I received and the problems I am having. Thanks in advance for your help.

My first two pictures show the original bulb as it was installed when I took the headlight housing off my DR650.

New DDM bulb:

Now way to securing into the headlight housing??

Here's what I got in the kit. No receipt, no instructions, no part numbers, no order confirmation?

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