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Originally Posted by slartidbartfast View Post
Some of you guys have seriously shitty local dealers - I'm sorry to hear that.

Back in the UK, my local car tire store has the equipment to change bike tires but doesn't sell the tires. I bring in the (mail-ordered) tires on the back of my old airhead RT and they help me remove the wheels, mount the tires for me and chat with me while they're doing it. Last time I insisted on paying double because they were only going to charge me 5 (about $8) for the entire operation.
I went to Vegas in 2010, before I left I thought I would change the tires on my VFR before I left as they had about 3500 km left on them. Here in Edmonton, Pilot Road 2's frt/rear combined $580.00 and 60.00 per rim off the bike. My reply was no thanks and I left for Vegas and watched the tires melt as I made my way. While in Vegas I went to Cycle Gear first thing on a Monday am, asked how much if I bring the tires in mount and balance... total price was $400.00(ish), walked outside put the bike on the center stand and removed the rims. Service was 100X better than what 2 local dealers gave me. Not the same service attitude when I was in the MC biz.
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